Assessor’s Number SOR Number: 306143 (Awarded A’s in all sections) – Specialising in the following areas:



  • Training on health, hygiene.
  • Training on kitchen back-to-basics training.
  • How to read and cook from recipes.
  • Training on recipe costings.
  • Training on how to minimize wastage.
  • Looking at new ideas.
  • Training on customer relations.

Food & Beverage:

red jalapeno pepper

  • Helping F&B managers in problem areas.
  • Training barmen.
  • Training barmen on how to cost bar items.
  • Training on customer relations.
  • Training conference, function, restaurant waiters.
  • Training for barmen on cocktail menus / recipes.

Restaurants & Pub’s:

  • Training and providing advice to restaurant & pub owners, managers.
  • Waiter / waitress service skills, table settings, customer relations.
  • Training for barmen on cocktail menus / recipes.
  • Training of waitrons to ensure a higher level of service is provided to the customer.


For all your Restaurant / Hotel requirements with help and training of staff when opening new Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs.


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